Soul Spark

The heart it falters
The body begins to shake
The mind it weakens
With this step about to take
But the soul
She steadies
Apt for a fight
“Challenge,” she says, “Bring it.”
Darkness she’ll turn light.




Snuffed out
Like the flame
That once burned so brightly
So hot
So intense
She no longer has it in her
That fire
That heat
To make herself heard
And held
She now sits silenced
She let it happen
Her voice
Snuffed out —————
Like the flame
She once burned so brightly.



It’s in her eyes
The heartbreak it grows
It’s in her tears
The anger it shows
She no longer screams
Furious with rage
The beast inside
Subdued and caged
She longs for her voice
To be heard and held
But for now she whimpers
Words trapped, welled.