Upon a Time

Am at a place in my writing where I feel I need to take a step back in time in order to move forward. In university completing my English degree, I spent much time studying literature of the past: Shakespeare, Dickens, Milton. To this day, I still love their works and can reread them over and over. But the stories that may have had the most impact on me as a writer are those of Children’s Literature: the fairy tales of De Beaumont, The Brothers Grimm and Perrault, and also the longer works of Carroll, Baum and Barrie.

Magic. Mystery. Wonder and amazement. The unbelievable. These are the stories that I love. And these are the stories I love to create.


So I’ve pushed aside on my bookshelf the novels of today and reached behind to find my old university textbook, Classics of Children’s Literature. This was one book I could not part with (in all honesty, I have every book bought during my degree days, much to the chagrin of my parents who house them). I look to it now to add fire to the creative spark smoldering in me as I work on a new story.






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