Rejection doesn’t equal stopping

Following the lead of Ms. J K Rowling, I am posting a rejection letter. My first rejection letter. No, it is not in a boohoo, woe-is-me manner but rather a “Look Mom, I did it!” kinda way.

You see, because I did.

Along with the help of friend and immensely talented illustrator, Doug Desjardins (check out his work at, my story was brought to life in full-colour, picture-book format and is currently being sent out to publishers and agents alike. I am, we are, truly excited about this work and its possibilities.

Who knew I would produce a children’s book??

So here it is, a very kind letter of rejection. The way I see it, they at least acknowledged receiving the book. And I want to believe they even looked at it too.

Dear A. Pandora Siganakis,

Thank you for sending your illustrated manuscript to Nosy Crow.

Because we are a small company and publish quite a limited number of titles each year, we must be very selective about what we acquire. We are looking for stories and ideas that suit the character of our list, and that we will be able to sell to our customers both in the UK and internationally.

Unfortunately, we do not feel that your submission fulfils these criteria.

I’m sorry that we are not able to give you more specific feedback but, as I am sure you can understand, we do have a great many submissions to read. I do hope you are not too discouraged and wish you every success in placing your work elsewhere.

All good wishes,


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