Where’s my wonder woman?

Nothing moves me more in literature and film than strong female characters. Yet, I find them lacking today.

I fall back to my Scarlett and think, “Where is she now?” with her drama and flair, her dedication and devotion to seeking out a better life, her stubbornness in not accepting less than she deserves.

Is that her suited in rubber playing backup to the big boys? Is that her being lead into dark rooms with red ties and temptation? No, she’s not there.

Maybe that is her in the golden crown wicked and wild. But evil does not equate to strong. Where’s the vulnerability, the heart, the multi-faceted figure that we relate to? Ah yes, she is the doting sister with the never-give-up, never-give-in attitude. There she is.

I suppose she is still out there. I suppose I am just not looking hard enough past the callow. Perhaps I need search more to find that woman I wonder about it.

Perhaps I should write her.



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