I look around today and see children watching videos on their Ipads, playing Angry Birds on their cell phones, glued to a screen hesitant to look away that may miss the action, and I think back fondly on my own days as a child curled up on the sofa with pencil and paper in hand.

I started writing at a young age, my first story being that of my mother’s life in Northwestern Czechoslovakia during the war, running through bomb shelter tunnels while air raids rang out overhead. A sophisticated story? No. But one with heart. And that is how I continue to write– with heart.

My works include short stories and sonnets, a number of free verse and stylized poems and an occasional quip on life. I love the greats: Shakespeare, Shelley and Kafka, for example, and find myself influenced by stories of the magical and fantastical, out-of-the-box and impressionable. (The Life and Opinions of Tristam Shandy anyone?)

Spending the last 16 years as an English language instructor helping others hone their communication skills both oral and written, working with words has not only been my passion but also my profession. I can’t help but want to hear a story, read a story, tell a story.

What can I say? I am of storytelling.