Many a muse has come to me throughout the years. My friends, my family, my coworkers too. They amaze me. They inspire me. And they impress me to write.

Here are a few poems from a much larger, on-going collection I hope to one day publish.


You’re put through a lot
Such burdens you bear
Your mind takes a beating
Your psyche, wear and tear
But boldness you have
Brain and brawn in spades
Your will indomitable
Falters at times, yet not fades
I’ve seen your strength
Herculean at best
So let this chain reign symbolic
You, as it, unbreakable
When put to the test.


A wayward law
Of love and sanctity
Abides by you
Who give to each other
As one give to another
In union of three
Stand before Him
Who welcomes your force
Embraces your frailty
Rejoices in your longing
To overcome all
To defy any
To bring to order
A lifetime
Of your family
Enveloped by His.


Fairytales of real
Legends of truth
Words spoken only in whisper
To you
To I
To no other soul
Alike we are in mystery
Bonded we are in time
Together we share a secret
For I am what eyes do see
But you, dear prince
Are not as you appear to be.


A masquerade scene of gray
A stage of players unknown
Enter one, unmasked, vibrant;
Hers is a presence felt
Insouciance and panache combined;
Strength and beauty revealed
No monologue need be spoken
Whilst tension amidst she stirs
A crisis created at hand
Breaking the facades surround
To cue their exit
Whereby alone she stands
The Globe at her feet
In the drama
In the act
Of the Aristocrat.