While the plays of Shakespeare take centre stage, I have always held a special place for the sonnets.  So much so that I often write my own.

I enjoy working within the iambic pentameter structure, playing with syntax, choosing the perfect words and ideas, all to make it fit for the thoughts I want to convey. I guess I always did like a challenge.

I have chosen two sonnets to showcase. The first written more than 16 years ago. The last within the past few months.

Like a stranger crossing her fateful way
As the night-time air took its last cold breath
He entranced the dark to turn wondrous day
And enlivened the ground from dreary death
His whisper, her name, a faint call to arms
Her spirits arose for a fearsome fight
Unmatched in skill and wit, his weapon his charm
She untimely fell, in his arms grasped tight
His voice sweet music enveloped her heart
A siren’s song forewarned; a warm wind blew
Shadows unhidden as the clouds did part
Once buried in depth, her light – love – shone through
The path once taken, her life thought alone
Their souls did meet; the road together – one.

There’s magic in her charms, oh spells she’ll cast
To conjure the wondrous, divine, in you
Moments of forlorn long they do not last
In presence of a mind and soul so true.
As an angel she soars high in silk white
Beauty in her movements, calm in her eyes
Gaze at her you’ll see there’s no inner fight
Inside and surround her ’tis where peace lies.
Blessed be are those who know her as I
Likewise grateful are we to call her friend
She’ll take time, be there, she will tell no lie
With love that knows no bounds her heart she’ll lend.
If other embodies such good and kind
Doubt. No truer spirit than she you’ll find.