Stories in Motion

Lexie’s Wish

My personal labour of love. This short fairytale-like story of a little girl and her wishing fountain was brought to life by friend and illustrator, Doug Desjardins ( in full picture-book format.

It was an exciting journey watching Doug work, seeing my words through the eyes of an artist. Doug captured the heart and true spirit of the book. I couldn’t be happier with its outcome.

It is currently being sent out to publishers worldwide.


Title Unknown

Though a title has yet to present itself, this is a story of a woman named Penelope Perriwinkle and her fantastical adventure in a fairytale world.

A short blurb for you as I continue to write…

Penelope Perriwinkle lived alone. It was a small apartment. Quaint, if you will. On the many shelves in the room and most often on the floor too, sat books of stories passed. The classics. They filled Penelope with feelings of warmth and joy. They reminded her of her mother who introduced them to her, these stories of chivalry and romance, of magic and wonder. They gave her hope and promise. Things she only but longed for every day.

Penelope shared her apartment with only one other. Her cat. Miss Pixie Perriwinkle. Yes, Pixie. Penelope had quite the thing for the letter P, you see.

Deadline: December 2016